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OPGTR vs 100 Easy Lessons


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Can anyone compare/contrast 100 easy Lessons with OPGTR? I am about halfway through 100 EL with my ds(5) and I'm getting a little tired of it. He just doesn't seem to get it as easily as dd did (I know, I know, I shouldn't compare my kids--she's naturally more verbal and he's more. . . you know, a boy). I'm just wondering if OPGTR might be a better fit for him. I'm also wondering if it would be better to stick with what's familiar rather than switching mid-stream. Because he IS learning to read. Just kind of painfully right now.

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of TOPG at the PHP site?


If not, doing so may help you make some comparisons.


I don't know whether or not switching would help you ds, or whether it's just a matter of sticking with what you already have.


My own POV is that 100 EZ is very "busy" with the red and black print and various type faces, font sizes, etc. on any given page.


TOPG is very straightforward, with only one type face and no pictures. It's comprehensive, and builds incrementally, with instructions from basic letter sounds, to decoding multi syllable words at eh fourth grade level.

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I haven't seen 100 EZ, but my HS friend is switching from 100 EZ to OPGTR for her 2nd child. She was disappointed that at the end of the 100 EZ book her oldest child was still needing to rely on the "crutches" or helps the book gives to teach blends and other things.


I have used OPGTR for three kids now and I can't say enough good things about it. It is inexpensive (compared to most phonics programs), simple and it does the job. My third dd just gave me the biggest reward for all our HS work - she gave me a big smile and shouted "I can read!"


I did purchase the magnet boards and flash cards through the Peace Hill Press web site to make things easier and to give me a better chance to play the games and do the extra assignments.


- Sara

HS mom to dd 8, 6, 5 and ds 2 (I'm trying to come up with some catchy signature, but it isn't happening yet!)

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I like OPG better than 100 EZ lessons, but both are good programs.


You could try Blend Phonics for a week and see how you like it:




You teach it by doing a word at a time, write them on a white board, then have him sound them out and try to use it in a sentence. It's also good to do some oral spelling with several of the words. If he can't spell at first, let him look at the word while spelling it, then let him let at a word for a few seconds, then have him spell it while you cover it up or turn the board around. You don't have to do all the words in a unit, just enough that you know he's getting it.


Also, a few ideas to throw some fun into the process:


free game:



Games with magnetic letters: You can move letters around on a metal cookie sheet to make words. Give them 6-8 consonants they have learned so far and a vowel and have them see how many words they can make! Once they get good at this, see how many words they can make in 1 minute.




Read, Write, Type computer program.

Fun, a little expensive, free demo you can see if you think it's worth the $:




Don't worry about switching--any good phonics program will not cause confusion if used with another good phonics program, I've used up to 5 or 6 different programs at a time with my remedial students. If you're really ambitious, you could try Webster's Speller, my daughter actually had a lot of fun with it, we also taught it with the white board, and she liked being able to sound out 2+ syllable words.

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My own POV is that 100 EZ is very "busy" with the red and black print and various type faces, font sizes, etc. on any given page.


I just wanted to point out that, in my version of 100EZ, there is only black print. No red at all. And, for the material to be read by the child, the type face and font sizes are consistent, not varied. As the lessons progress, the font size gradually gets smaller and smaller to replicate the print size of what the child will actually be reading in readers or books. And some of the digraphs and vowels are printed differently than normal print initially, but this is gradually phased out as the child gets familiar with the sounds and words.


Maybe I have a different version of 100EZ?

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I have used 100EZ lessons. It worked really well with my 1st child, then not so well with the 2nd and 3rd child. So I am currently using with my 3rd and 4th child OPGTR. But I have modified it some. It seems to move a little fast. So I am combining this program with Reading Reflex (which has helped so much on blending etc.), and Alpha Phonics which has really helped to solidify the phonics. I feel that my kids 1st and 2nd grade are really getting it. Plus I use Victory Drill for "fun reading practice".

BTW: I have all boys.



Edit: The boys also do Explode the Code books.

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Explode the Code
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