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We must replace our freezer (23 cu. ft. chest type) & are considering an upright.

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Be aware that uprights cost more to purchase and cost more to run. But, they do seem to be easier to organize! If I were buying two freezers, I'd do two chest freezers. One for meats and one for veggies/fruits/etc.


Basically, there are two companies who make freezers, and many brands put their names on them. So, don't be seduced by a "brand name" because they're mostly all the same.


I think Sears has an energy star chest freezer and I know Whirlpool makes one, if that's a consideration for you.

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I have an upright self defrosting I got this past summer.


It is easy to find things in it but I also find it doesn't take as much stuff as it's 'supposed' to. Ours is large - I can't remember exactly but I think close to 20 cu ft? I think it was supposed to take something like 450 or 500 lbs.


I just put in 220 lbs of raw meat for my dog & I'd say it's about 3/4 full so I think those capacities only work if you store things which are exactly the correct shelf size and nice and flat like pizza boxes....


Ours is an energy star but I can't really say I'm thrilled with the rating program. They compare them in only the same class so it's better than other uprights but it's nowhere near as efficient as a chest.


I think it depends if you have the space for a chest freezer and what kind of things you'll be putting in it. I'm happy with this one but if I get more big dogs living here, I'd think about finding space for a chest freezer.


It was nice for freezing berries in the summer as I could lay out lots of trays of fruit & then bag them once they hardened.

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Or possibly two smaller chest freezers so that things will be easier to find. Or one of each -- an upright and a small chest freezer. Any recommendations for us?


I'd probably get an upright because they're just easier, but I wouldn't get getting into it every day. Every time you open them your cold "falls out." :001_smile: A salesman also told me one time not to get a defrosting one, but I can't remember why. Had something to do with the "melted" ice cubes in the regular freezer.


Sorry, my brain is just on vacation today.

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We run 2 chest and 1 upright in our basement. I prefer the chest--they hold more. Organization is not difficult if you have a plan. In the one small chest freezer we have in the bottom, almost to the top, chickens (which we butcher ourselves). I don't have to guess what is down in the depths--I know it is chicken. On top of the chicken, I have most my frozen apples. That is about all in that one.


In the big chest freezer I have in the bottom milk (we'll be drying our cow off for calving soon, so I've frozen 61 gallons of milk so far! lol). Then corn and peaches, and one bag of chicken feet--that's all that is in that one.


The upright has more of an assortment, more or less organized by color (I know--that is odd, but that is just how it worked out)--tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, pumpkin, cantalope, green beans, zucchinni, squash, okra, meats, grains, and of course, more milk.


It all depends on how you organize I think. But I prefer chest freezers.




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