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I am tired of people!!!!

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Subtitled: Note to self - don't ever offer anything for free on Craigslist!


We are (trying) to get everything cleared out around here so that I don't have to think about it anymore after Christmas.


I posted some stuff on Craigslist for free - they have a free section, and I posted that we had some weedeaters for parts, pallets, and about 1000' of irrigation pipe.


We have been inundated with calls - ranging from "Do you have any free riding mowers?" to "Can you take a picture of the pallets so I can see if they will work for me?"


Note to all people seeking free stuff - you are gonna have to put forth a little effort! Sheesh!


Then, on top of the 4 million phone calls and 20 million emails (and so far only the weedeaters are gone!), we have the something for nothing people.


The man who came to get the free stuff, but even after me telling him *3 times* that we were not giving away any metal kept asking me for metal stuff!:confused::tongue_smilie:


Or the man who came today and was rude to me, rude to my dh, rude to one of my ds, and then offered us 10% of what we were asking (at an already WAY reduced price) for truck accessories.:glare:


Don't people know better than to mess with a 35 week pregnant woman?:lol:

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First--when you're 35 wks pg (or pg at all, lol), you have a target sign on your forehead that calls out to the species as a whole, saying, "Please! Stress me out as much as possible! Be rude if you have to--it will help the baby come out healthy & on time."


Because I'm tellin' ya, otherwise sane people (well...that might be an exaggeration, lol) are just DRAWN to crazy when they see pg women. That's my best guess, anyway. A special urge to protect their own. :lol:


As far as free stuff on CL, man. A lady recently posted a free sweat suit w/ a duck head for a toddler on the CL here. It was free & it quacked, & my dd is CRAZY about ducks.


I told her it would probably be a few days before we'd be out her way & not to hold it for us or anything but if she happened to still have it then, we'd LOVE it. And she was so sweet, she held it for us. I can't get over the generosity of some people.


I know what a rough time y'all have been having lately & you didn't need rude people on top of it. So pretend my sweet brother came out to pick up your free stuff for my precocious toddler instead of the people who came. We're BEAMING & sending HUGE THANK YOUs. And cheerful thoughts & Christmas joy & blessing & etc. :001_smile:

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There was one guy who was really nice - he's the one who actually came here and got the weedeaters. I took his card and told him I'd call him when we were done sorting so that he could come back to see if there was anything else he wanted. If people are nice - I am WAY nice!:D


I don't have much tolerance for the general public, though, which is why the guys made me stay in the office and not work the counter if at all possible. My dh was very good at dealing with difficult people, but my standard response was to look at them like they were stupid...:lol: Can't help it - it just showed on my face.


I think you are right about the innate desire to annoy pregnant women, though!


Can't you just list that there will be free stuff at the curb on such and such day. Also tell them not to contact you. My dh is always picking up stuff from the curb. KWIM? Sorry, people are jerks at times.


That was kind of the idea, except because we are a business we can't just leave stuff at the curb (the county would have a fit.) Unfortunately, most of it will be thrown away because my dh has said I can NOT advertise anything for free on CL ever again!!!:lol:

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Oh, good grief. The nerve -- sometimes it just boggles the mind.


We have an old pickup sitting here. We don't know what we're going to do with it -- sometimes we raid it for parts for the other truck -- but we have 15 acres so it's not like it's in the way. Several times a year, someone comes down and asks me if we want to sell it. "Oh, I don't know -- we hadn't really thought about it. $1,000?"


"Will you take payments?"


Why in the world do they ask me if I want to sell it if they don't want to PAY for it? It's not like it's sitting there with a "For Sale" sign on it!


I had one guy at a yard sale offer me $5 for a stereo system I wanted $75 for. When I said "no" he threw a fit -- screaming and hollering at me and jumping around in the street. "Now -- you have no money!" Okay -- but I still had the stereo! Idiot.


There's just got to be some kind of reinforcement here. I mean, if it didn't work, surely they wouldn't keep doing it? Even my DOGS can figure that out. So -- intimidation? "It doesn't hurt to ask?" I dunno. But it must work some of the time or they wouldn't think it was worth it, I guess? Sounds like all of 'em are calling your house lately. :confused:

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That was kind of the idea, except because we are a business we can't just leave stuff at the curb (the county would have a fit.) Unfortunately, most of it will be thrown away because my dh has said I can NOT advertise anything for free on CL ever again!!!:lol:


A) The curb thing will probably attract the same weirdos. We have had people bang on our door (frantically, as if they were being pursued by a homicidal maniac) to ask if our *trash* worked and whether we would deliver it to their house. Trash. Delivered.


B) Do you have a Freecycle group near you? That may be a better venue. Or, it could attract the very same wackos.

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Oh, don't get me started on this.


My husband bought an organ (as in musical instrument) at Goodwill for $15 with an intention to fix it and use it for his practices. :blink: It takes up half of the garage and looks like, well, junk.


So, finally, he realized that he can't fix it, he decided to get rid of it. Posted for free on CL. We just want someone to haul it because it's heavy as heck.


So far we had four people calling and sending emails, arranging pick up time and then never call or show up. :rant:


About Freesycle. Be careful because I had some pretty creepy individuals show up in the past.

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Do you have Freecycle in your area? It's another e-mail list, but Everything listed is free. They have very specific rules regarding etiquette. I've never had any problem with either giving or receiving through Freecycle. Go to Yahoo Groups to see if there is a Freecycle group in your area.


My experience with Freecycle - I would post free stuff and almost immediately get a response saying, "I will come and get it - hold it for me." Turns out that they were automated responses and people never came to get whatever it was.:glare:


I actually *liked* Freecycle for awhile - I got some stuff and got rid of stuff pretty easily. Then it became inundated with requests for cars, Xboxes, etc. Yeah, that's reasonable!:D


It really seems to be ab economy thing - the worse things got, the worse people got.


Or maybe I just attract loonies!:lol:

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The beauty of Freecycle is that you don't have to let anyone come to your place; you can arrange to meet them somewhere else. I know of one gal on our FC list who lists her items by lot # and then says, "Pick up is Thursday at the Kmart lot at 1:30 pm. If you can not pick up then, please do not respond. This is the only pick up time and place." And, it works well!


As far as when I freecycle, I am very picky about who I pick to receive my things. Rudeness, dumb questions, demands, all are immediately rejected. I'll haul it to Salvation Army before dealing with jerks. All in all, our loop has some great moderators and they do a great job of weeding out the freaks from our memberslist.

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