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We have snow here in Vegas!

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Well, we are in Henderson, a suburb of Vegas, but it has been snowing hard since noon and the kids are loving it. They have never seen snow fall....woo hoo. Scary to drive, though, as there are virtually no plows here, and people do not know how to drive very well in good weather. So were staying in, and enjoying the view.

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oh, the kids are pumped, and we are all hoping for a snow day tomorrow(daddy too, he's a teacher). It is usually really dark by now, but the sky is very light...I never knew the sky does not get very dark at night when it is snowing and snow covers the ground.....I cannot imagine living where it snows much...So. california(and Catalina) have spoiled me terribly........

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It’s unbelievable! :)

My girls were outside playing in it for a while, too—it’s my 4 yo first time in the snow. My 8 yo has been up to Mt. Charleston (once!), but she really doesn't remember. They are just lovin' it! There is actually enough snow to have a snowball fight! But gosh—trying to find them something warm enough to wear—I just layered them in clothes. We usually only use sweat jackets for the winter here!

Have you taken lots of pictures? We took several of my DH’s truck with snow all over it and the house, and of course the kids making snow angels! So fun!

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