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September 11 in NYC

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That's the date and place for the wedding we just got invited to.


Anyone else raise an eyebrow?


DH and I think it's either a stataement like "We will be a living testament that life goes on," OR, the event site is offering a major deal because no one else is willing to get married on that date in that city.


It's just such recent horrific history that I can't associate it with anything happy.


Interestingly, I was due to walk in two weddings scheduled during that fateful September, both of which were cancelled for later dates and different venues. It was a mess.


Anyway, nothing important here, just wondering if anyone else thinks it 's a little weird.

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Is the couple from New York City?


I'm not one to attach much significance to dates such as these. I grieved for 2 weeks (at least) on 9/11 and after. Really. I was paralyzed.


But now I like to make it a point to do something fun or celebratory on "bad" days. It's a step in my own recovery. To show myself I'm better. Some people have a memorial service; others may plan a wedding. I guess it's all healthy and fine. It's not as if they're disrespecting the victims.


I guess I'm saying it wouldn't bother me. Of course, I didn't personally lose a loved one in the attacks. I might feel differently if it was a personal loss. I might be VERY upset if my dad, for instance, decided to get remarried on my mom's birthday or something that. Something that seemed to personally flaunt insensitivity.


Just my 2c.

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Bear in mind that most of my info about weddings in NYC come from Whose Wedding is it Anyway, but isn't it difficult to book a venue and vendors in NY? Don't people either have to take what they can get or wait a year or longer? I wouldn't bat an eye at a Sept 11 wedding, especially in NYC. I'd figure that was the best date available for their venue and vendors and go and have a great time!

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I'd probably raise an eyebrow for a bit, then get over it.


There are a lot of dates that eventually time has forgotten. The dates of beginnings of wars and battles aren't revered forever. Would it cause distress for a wedding to be held the day the battle of Gettysburg happened? Or the day the first shot was fired from Ft. Sumter?


Think of it as an affirmation of life.

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