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My '93 Kingfisher has arrived and I love it!

Melissa in CA

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Boy was I surprised by it's size! This is a THICK book...761 pages not including the Index. Just enough pictures...not too many, not too little. Subjects written about in paragraph form which I can see will make outlining much simpler to learn. Oh, and great timeline info as well!


I know $50 is a lot to spend on a book, but I am not at all disappointed. Plus NO pictures of evolutionary ape-men or their like...very happy about that! :tongue_smilie: One 2-page section titled "The First People" is a bit questionable and what I would call evolutionary hogwash, but this is easily skipped. Plus, it moves on quickly from there into The First Farmers, cities, etc.


So, all that to say...I am very, very happy with my purchase!


Now comes the fun part...putting it to good use. ;)

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