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The new kid-product law & books...

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It just hit me--this doesn't apply to books, does it?


Maybe this will solve my book-addiction! :lol:


Ok, who else is having visions of sitting by the fire knitting while dh plays his fiddle, ds whittles, & dd plays w/ her doll?


This law is crazy, but in a backwards sort of way, it reassures me. I know I'm not going to start buying a bunch of stuff new, so I figure it will just mean we use/buy less. And that's not so bad, huh?

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Why the popcorn? I was just asking a question. But I did find another thread that answered the question, so never mind my previous post!


People usually post the popcorn guy when they're interested in a thread but don't have anything to add at the moment. I think it's a way of "bumping"--sort-of.


Sorry about not posting a link--this is really an s/o thread, & I guess I was so deep in thought about it, it didn't occur to me to link something! :001_huh:






Hmmm...there was another thread, too, but I can't find it now.

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OH sorry! In other forums I've seen it used as a way of saying people were getting ready for a good online flame war! :smilielol5: And I didn't think I had written anything that controversial! I guess I just need to chill. :chillpill:


:smilielol5: Too funny. It was just my lazy way of subscribing to the thread...

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