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Best resource for bi-polar for a friend?

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I have a friend whose oldest son is adopted. He is now 9 and they are starting to see some unsettling changes in him that have them wondering if it may be the onset of bi-polar; his birth mother was. She asked me what was the best book/website out there to learn more and I told her I didn't know but I knew where to ask! ;)


Where should I direct my friend? Thanks in advance!

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I have a son (adopted) and we have also seen some wild range of emotions. In addition to psychological counseling- we are also doing neurological therapy with the folks from this website. http://www.nwneuro.info


Our neurological therapy is one of the hardest things we have done but it should give our son a chance at a normal, happy life. You can send me a message if you want more info, but the website should answer a lot of questions.



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http://www.bpkids.org Have her join and get on an email group for LOTS of great input. They have waivers for the fee if money is an issue.




The book, The Bipolar Child, is also great.


It is late tonight but I have an adopted child with bipolar. Let me know if I can help some more.



How do you request the waiver?

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