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Could someone who uses Spelling Plus (not dictation) give me an idea


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I have the Spelling Plus book, dictation book. I had the workbook at one time, but got rid of it because I couldn't figure out how to use it with my dd.


If you look at the sample lesson on their website that is what most of the lessons look like. For me it wasn't enough information, but if your student already knows most of the phonics rules and you are just mainly wanting review then it might be enough.


We have decided to try Apples and Pears spelling and it doesn't focus as much on rules, but is the first program that is in workbook format that also has enough practice built into the program. I like that it also includes dictation. We have been using the program for 2 weeks and I can already see my dd gaining confindence.



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Hi Michele,


I use Spelling Plus w/ the dictation book for my dd8. I also purchased the homophone/homonym book too, but we really never use that one.


The dictation book is all you need.


I have my dd copy the list on Monday. On Tuesday she writes the list in cursive. Wednesday she writes the list in ALL CAPS. Thursday I dictate the list to her for her "test."


In addition, I dictate the sentences or paragraphs from the dictation book to her M - Th. I do those a week behind -- for instance, if she's doing list 26 for spelling this week, then I'll dictate the sentences for week 25. Clear as mud?


The book just gives you extra words to include if you want to that fit the same spelling pattern. It also offers some teacher helps, but if you're familiar with the spelling rules you really don't need them.


It sounds like your son is doing well with the routine you've established.


Take care :)

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