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1st Grade Writing?

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My 1st grade son loves to read, loves Growing with Grammar, loves to spell (thank you spelling bee!:D), and enjoys typing on the computer....what am I supposed to be doing for "writing"? I would like to do some kind of "writing" 2 days/week coming up....any suggestions on what we should be doing? I looked at Evan-Moor 6-Trait Daily Writing and I really liked the look of it, but I am unsure. I want some kind of "resource" to hold my hand, so that I am sure writing will happen. Thoughts?:tongue_smilie:




Melissa in St Louis

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If he has the dexterity, why don't you tell him to just write freely ? If he loves to write/type, then let him be.


I think you don't need any curriculum for first grade writing. It can stifle his writing voice and enthusiasm in writing.


If you really want to have anything structured, you can use WWE which is basically a narration/copywork program (for grade one). I don't use anything for my first grader. I only ask him to narrate his history and reading freely. Two times a week, I ask him to do copywork from the literatures which we read. And another two times a week, I dictate two sentences from his reader.

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I do no formal writing in 1st grade. My guess is that WWE for 1st grade if it exists only does copywork/narration. SWB and many other classical authors believe that to try to get a child who is still learning how to form letters, spell, and other basic grammar tools is too much. Let them see good writing and copy good writing. HTH

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by writing - do you mean composition or handwriting (penmanship) ?


a first grader still needs plenty of practice with penmanship. WTM recommends many programs for this. we use Getty Dubai because the cursive is so much neater, no loops, especially for boys.


If he can already write, as in form letters, then he needs to do copywork - to practice well formed sentences, with correct grammar, and punctuation. I highly recommend Writing With Ease which includes copywork as well as narration. later WWE introduces dictation.

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