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Rod & Staff Math...opinions?


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We've worked through R&S Math 1 through 6 and 8. I really like the R&S math program and find it similar to their grammar program that I also use. It is systematic and logical. Each lesson of the math unit builds on one another, and each year builds upon the last year. It's affordable, but not flashy, and it teaches math very, very well. I think my boys have a strong foundation in math and grammar because of the R&S materials we have used over the years.



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My son used R&S math from 5-8th. My oldest daughter used it from 3rd to 6th. The twins used R&S in 1st and 2nd.


R&S is a traditional math program. The chapters follow a predictable sequence each year moving through numbers and operations, fractions, decimals, measurements, percents, etc. Geometry and graphs and such tend to always come at the end of the books. Each lesson is about 2 pages. The first page is the lesson with problems to be worked related to the lesson. The second page is generally review.


We tended to work only odds or evens. That was plenty for us.


Do you know what is causing the trouble with math? What is she struggling with?


I wish you the best.


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7th grade dd is currently using Teaching Textbooks Math 7 and she is REALLY struggling - lots of frustration and a few tears(math is worst subject and she truly hates math).


I was looking at Rod & Staff and would love some input.


Thank you.


My dd used TT 7 last year. She had trouble with the program not having enough built in review. R & S is fabulous for built in review and ease of understanding explanations. It is thorough and clear. We are using Singapore this year, but I do have a copy of Rod and Staff Math 7 sitting here because I like the security of having it if I ever feel I need to look at it for further explanation. My daughter used Rod and Staff in 4th grade after coming out of public school. It helped her tremendously. Rod and Staff is a wonderful program and much clearer IMO that TT was for my daughter.

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