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Free Knitting Patterns

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A couple of other good sites for free knitting patterns:


Berroco.com you can sign up for a free newsletter, too






I was actually able to learn how to knit with knittinghelp.com and library books! Then, I taught dd how to knit with a little help with ds who is much better with his left and right than I am :tongue_smilie: DD is now able to knit hats, scarves, blankets, toys, sweaters, and she is loving it.

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Just wanted to check in and mention the new Knitty issue is up. Yippee!


(I love knittinghelp.com - learned to Kitchener graft from her video and still hear "knit, off, purl... purl, off, knit" in my head while I'm doing it. :-) )

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