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If you were contacted by your sister

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That you had only seen once in your life (when I was 15 and she 11)....


Tell me what sort of gift you might choose to send to her. Not Christmas related at all...I just want to buy her a gift. To say 'thanks for trying to find me...thanks for never forgetting me. Thanks for showing me pictures of your kids who look like my son...


But I don't really know her of course. What she likes, or hates or believes in....


What says 'sister/total stranger.' ? :tongue_smilie:

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Wow, Scarlett. That's big.


The first thing that popped into my mind was a small photo album, with pictures of you and your family, a little visual history. And perhaps a small empty album that she could put a few pictures in for you. I mean those little wee ones, with beautiful paper and only a few pages.


Just an idea.

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Flowers. With a card that says something like "It was so great to hear from you! I've often thought of you too. Thanks for reconnecting"


Something like that.


Anything that she perceives as a Christmas gift is going to start one of those uncomfortable obligatory gift requirements.

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My 1/2 brother met his 1/2 brother about 7 years ago (I was the one who got everyone "found" ... through some work I had done on our family tree, so the initial contact was via me).


They send homemade treats (popcorn balls, homemade candy and cookies) to one another.

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Thanks everyone. Every single thing you suggested was on my list of possibilitities...We have emailed pictures back and forth. I think I will put together my life in photos into one of those books....you know like through Kodak that they bind up for you? I need to go to moms and get some of my childhood pictures.

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