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The New Yorker for a 12 year old?

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That's a rather odd choice for a 12 year old. I get The New Yorker; I love it. But I just don't think it would be very interesting to a 12 year old. Not to mention the adult themes contained in much of the fiction. I'm very liberal, and back issues are lying all over my house. Dd 11 loves many of the cartoons, as well as the cartoon contest on the back page, but as far as her delving into the meat of the magazine? I just don't see that happening.



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What I really want is the book that has the front page from the last 150 pages in it....


I haven't read it lately. Hmmm.... Do your kids read your local paper? I always wondered why schools thought it was a good idea to have them in the classroom.....




MY kids? To whom are you referring? I have one kid, and yes, she does read the local paper. I use the local paper extensively in my adult ed classes as well-- tons of great stuff for ESL learners, for instance. I"m not so much referring to the non-fiction as to the fiction in TNYer. I love it, but IMHO, it's a bit beyond a 12 year old. YMMV.


To each his own.



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