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Early Readers/Rod & Staff Question(s)


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I have been thinking of using Rod & Staff for grammar (many years away) and I also like the look of their readers. BUT...I think my son is going to be ready for the readers way before we do grammar. Is it okay to use different levels of R&S at the same time, or do the grammar & readers go together? Does anyone have any recommendations for early readers that are similar to the R&S ones? We are using SWR for phonics, so I am looking for something besides BOB books or regulated readers.

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Yes, you can use different grade levels for many R&S subjects depending on the ability of your child. However, I would caution you on starting the R&S Reading program before Kindergarten. This is just my opinion, but I think that the R&S reading program is pretty much on grade level. Not necessarily for the reading level of the books in the program, but the phonics and reading comprehension work that is required in the workbooks. Grade 3 is very challenging because it focuses on the Kings of the Old Testament. By the end of the book your child will have memorized all of the kings, for both Judah and Israel. I think it's a great program, and I even learned a lot from it, but you don't want to get there too early.


Here is the progression that I have taken (and currently doing again with DS#3) with the R&S Reading program (which combines reading, phonics & Bible study):


K--R&S Reading 1 Units 1-3

1st--R&S Reading 1 Units 4-5 & Reading 2 Units 1-2

2nd--R&S Reading 2 Units 3-5

3rd--R&S Reading 3 Units 1-5

4th--R&S Reading 4 Units 1-3


In 5th grade, R&S separates the reading program and the Bible program, so I drop the reading and just continue with their Bible program.


If you want more reading practice, I would get plenty of library books. R&S also has a God Is Good Series for reading practice that corresponds to their 1st grade reading program; this may be a good alternative to tie you over until your son starts Kindergarten.



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