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I would buy things I know I will use next year such as the next math or spelling, some of the history read-alouds that go with Biblioplan, etc. If it was less money I might just get something fun (paper dolls), but $50 is a lot for just fun stuff. Don't forget art supplies--watercolor paper is much cheaper there than any local store.

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Now see, I'd rather pay the $10 shipping and not buy more than I need. That's what the companies are hoping for, that we'll buy more stuff to get the free shipping. Yes, free shipping is nice but I don't hate the shipping fees as they are part of online shopping. Now, I have refused to order when I feel like some places overcharge on shipping. That's not cool. I guess I feel this way because of all the things I've sold online. Free shipping is expected in this homeschool community but it's expensive to buy envelopes/boxes and pay for postage. I was losing out too much. Now I just donate things to Good Will or throw them away. It's easier. Not cheaper but definitely easier.

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