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Tomorrow I'm going to be snowed in. Need shopping list now!

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The storm of the century is hitting our area in the PNW. Lots and lots of snow. I always feel the need to hoard enough food for a couple of months even though it may be a week. What would you buy?


Wine? Check.

Milk? Check.


Dinner ideas anyone? Cozy food?




Are you east of the Cascades or west? I to live in the PNW and haven't heard of this storm so I am curious. I heard rain/snow which doesn't bother me b/c I am assuming it won't stick.

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And a puzzle! Good storms call for good family puzzles.


Have we covered the important stuff yet? lol


Okay, the real stuff......


We make sure we have plenty of candles and matches (in case the power goes out.)

Plenty of batteries.

We check that the carbon monoxide detector is working, in case we have to rely on our ventless to heat with.

Plenty of blankets.

Bottled water.

Propane for the grill (for cooking)

I fill one of the tubs with water, in case the pipes freeze, but we've never needed it.

Granola bars and such for easy, room temperature eating.

Salt for the walkway

Paper plates and such so we don't have to wash dishes if the pipes freeze. We've never needed this either, but it's never stopped us from using them up.

Yummy soup ingredients and crusty bread.

And cocoa! Don't forget the cocoa and marshmallows! Very important staple.

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chocolate chips!

I think maybe we'll use the time for some Christmas baking.


We are also going to try and finish our Christmas shopping today, because it may be our last shot. Unless you count the 2 days before Christmas, but that is too scary for me.


Rock salt for porch steps and driveways.

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Stock up on easy to fix things like canned soup, ravioli, etc. If you are without power you don't want to have to cook, and it gets even harder when it's by candlelight. Do you have a propane grill? Gas cooktop? What you get really depends on how you can cook. If you are limited to outdoor cooking maybe some hotdogs/buns and cans of beans. If you can cook indoors you have many more options.


I like to stock up on ready to make things. Dry beans may be good for long term survival but they are a pain to deal with if you're just looking at a couple of days.


Buy plenty of candles & have flashlights handy. Jugs of water and gatorade. Firewood. Marshmallows & stuff for smores if you can make them in the fireplace. I don't mind being snowed in at all but I hate it when the power is out. When that happens it seems like food is the least of our worries - staying warm is the priority.

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I stocked up this weekend--just made sure the pantry and fridge are full. Very glad we got a little freezer in November! Looking at the forecast, I'm not sure there is going to be a day between now and Christmas when I can go to the grocery store--I don't drive in icy conditions. DH grew up in the midwest and can drive in this stuff so he has gone to work for a few hours. Even though I stocked up, I'm having him get a few more things while he's out:


Eggs (if you do much baking you can run low quickly)

2 more gallons of milk

Another loaf of bread

Bacon--the only ingredient still needed for my Christmas day plans


With that I think we can make it through Christmas just fine.

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Can we come over and get snowed in with you? I'll bring supplies!


Can Tacoma get a foot or more of snow, just once? My husband is from Montana and is missing subzero temperatures and feet of snow. I've never lived in the snow but I'd love a foot or two and above zero temperatures. My kids feel the same as me.


We were pretty excited about our half inch or so over the weekend.

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