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Potential online Geometry class...

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Hi Jann,

I really like the Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Geometry Text. It is very thorough and well thought out. However, the company offers on -line courses using their own texts, so I don't know if you could use it for a class of your own. I would certainly encourage you to get a copy of the book and solutions manual, whatever you decide - it would be a great addition to your math library.



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I was just looking at the Art of Problem Solving Geometry class. (it starts next week) My d. tried the algebra but the live times usually had conflicts with our time zone. (however they do record it so you can watch it later.)(it was video only whiteboard) So we were basically just studying the book on our own. The solutions manual was great, but the supplementary problems that were for the homework, were extremely hard.

Someone on this board said that they wouldn't do the online course again, even if they loved the book. I vote for AOP geometry if possible. Please PM me if you get something off the ground with AOP. Thanks

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I use an online interface that lets me 'write' on a whiteboard. I have a graphics tablet (the mouse is actually a pen)--and that makes things MUCH easier. Most of my students do not have the graphics tablet--so they will usually tell me what to write when I have them work out a problem (a few are pretty good with the regular mouse!). To reduce lag the audio part of the class is done via a phone conference. I do not use the web-cam feature--this way we can all stay in our jammies if we want! (plus it gives me more room for the lesson).


The site allows different types of computers to interface smoothly--I have a Windows computer--many of my students have Macs... high-speed internet is suggested though to reduce lag.


The interface I use allows me to import slides, graphics, use color, highlight, desktop share...


For proofs I import the graphic or replicate using the drawing tools, then we can type in the statements and reasons...


The students can go back at anytime to view the lesson's whiteboard pages/notes. There are sites with interfaces that will record the meetings (audio and video)--but I'm not quite ready to pay that kind of money as my monthly rates per-student would have to double to cover the extra cost.


Oh--I can also promote or demote the level of viewer/user for each of my students---so they can't doodle on the whiteboard while I'm going over examples (and the first few lessons they ALWAYS do--if I forget this feature).


Students are invited to a meeting via e-mail or by url. We can also meet back in an old 'room' to review previous material. The students can log in directly to the interface at anytime--or they can set up a private meeting with me (in real time or not) for help with a problem.

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