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Ds5 had another speech assessment today. He has been monitored by speech since he was 2 years old. At that time he was severely delayed, enough that he qualified for special ed preschool. After only attending for 1 week I pulled him because a lot of the other kids had mulitple delays including behaviour issues, and he was getting beat up. However I took him to speech therapy, after 3 sessions he clammed up, and instead the therapist has sent home a package of all the worksheets/activities she would have done with him for me to do with him at home. Every 6 months he has a new assessment done to monitor how he is doing and then they send home a new package of materials. I have seen an improvement over the last 3 years, and today we got the thumbs up, he is no longer considered delayed!! He is considered to be a perfectly normal speaking 5 year old. They will assess again in June before closing his file just to be sure he is still progressing this well.


On top of that, he has had ZERO bowel problems for 2 weeks now. He has suffered from chronic constipation since he was 4 months old. Nothing the dr's prescribed helped. Instead I figured out my own way to help him and now he has used the toilet easily every other day(he would previously go up to 10 days inbetween bowel movements), I have not needed my plunger, and because he is not backed up he has stopped wetting the bed.


I am so excited, because I have so many struggles with my older 2 kids and their disabilities, I was really hurting for my ds5 because I felt like I couldn't give him the help he needed while I dealt with them. It was his speech delays and bowel issues that pushed me to decide to homeschool him, rather than put him in K this past Sept, and I am so glad I did. The only hurdle we are overcoming now is the struggles he has with writing/drawing but that is coming along too.


Anway enough rambling from me, I just had to share my excitement that I can stop worrying about dealing with 3 kids with special needs and can focus on having only 2 with special needs, and 2 that don't have extra challenges. It is a huge relief to me to know that what I was doing really was helping him (I second guess all my decisions about how I am treating their special needs).

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