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Do you know what I miss about Ye Olde Boards of Yore?

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I have gotten used to the new set up.

I have gotten used to scouting around to find threads.

I love it that we can insert emoticons and pictures, etc.


But do you want to know what I miss?




I never got to be first.



And now I never willllllllllll!!!


That is all.



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Oh, would you like some cheese with your whiiiiine? :D (j/k, of course - I never got to be first either!).


The quirkiness of the old board was kind of fun. Just a few months before the switch, I finally caught on the the "rhythm" of the board. I would know when it was about to flip, and finally figured out how to check the post count.


There are plenty of positives here that outweigh the losses, though.

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The thing that I like here though is that Miss Anal Retentive me doesn't feel the need to read each and every post before logging off!!! I haven't figured out how to see where the beginning and end is and I don't want to know! So if you try to tell me: LA,LA, LA, LA!!!! (sticking fingers in ears)

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