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7 year old who is math-minded

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I have a 7 year old who has demonstrated a high interest in math since a young age. 

He started with Right Start math for K and 1st grade. This year I switched to Singapore Math, a program that I have used for his older siblings. I love the program and it has worked well for my other kids. We go through 6B. 

Anyway, all my kids have been pretty good in math, but this child enjoys the language of numbers. We started 2A textbook and workbook, but after the first week, I realized that it was too easy for him. He would actually rewrite the math problems to use bigger numbers or grabs manipulatives to stack them in different ways to solve a problem. 

After the first week, I purchased intensive practice 2A. I have used the IP books in the past for my other kids, but I would get them at 1/2 year behind. If they were in 4A for TB and WB, then I would get the IP 3B book. I decided against this because the IP 1B book looked a little easy and so I purchased the 2A one. 

He definitely responded to this book. Immediately his eyebrows furrow and he tries to understand what they are asking. I generally leave him alone after I explain which problems he needs to work on. He's pretty independent. 

He does about 1 page a day. We have done a bit in the textbook just to discuss the concept, but mainly just do 1 page in IP. He hasn't worked on anything in the WB since we started IP. I also read to him almost daily any of the living math books we have. He loves The Multiplying Menace Divides, A Place for Zero, The Doorbell Rang, Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, and Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens. These are his favorite and we read them multiple times in a week. He can't get enough of them. I have others, but these are his favorite. 

That's all we do in math. IP and these living books and supporting his natural affinity toward numbers like telling me how many minutes until we leave the house or sharing his countdown days until Christmas and then after that it is his birthday.... just everyday interactions like that. 

My older daughter opened up a couple of the Beast Academy books 3A + and he sat there with her and absorbed those books, but she just read them to him and asked him some questions. 

Just was curious about anyone's opinions about the books I'm using and if I should be doing something different. 


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I think Singapore math is excellent.  No need for the workbook if he is doing the IP. 

My son math minded too.  We started with SM 1 and 2, then went to Beast Academy 3.  1 and 2 were not out back then.  Then straight to Art of Problem Solving pre-algebra.

I will say that I did do BA 2A and 2B with one of my daughters and was not a big fan.  But enjoyed BA 3, 4, and 5. 

Beast Academy is a lot harder than Singapore Math, so something to consider.  Otherwise, I think SM is an excellent program. 

Hope this helps.

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If he's not used to word problems, Fan Math Process skills actually teaches modeling/problem solving skills unlike CWP, which mainly has (harder) word problems.


Some parents have had success using IP instead of the workbook (not just in addition to it) for quick learners like your son.

Check out naturalmath.com for more living books, and https://www.explodingdots.org/ for a very interesting way to look at place value.

If you don't feel ready to invest in BA 2C and 2D so soon after buying Singapore math, maybe consider a BA online subscription. I know some use both singapore math and BA: 


Another book to look at is Primary Grade Challenge math by Ed Zaccaro.


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I used Singapore with both kids.  My older worked several grades above level, but it was a good fit because there isn't a crazy amount of practice.  We just did the workbook and probably only opened the text a handful of times each year, if that.  i also provided assorted other math related books.  I don't see any issue with using Singapore in whatever way you choose with a mathy kid.  Lot of people love BA but neither of my kids were impressed.  If your kid likes it, though, then I'd continue to use it.  My older liked Life of Fred once they got older, which isn't for everybody but we continued with it because it worked.  The point isn't to suggest LOF, just to say that if you find something that seems to be working educationally and that your kid enjoys, then keep using it.  

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Thank you all for these suggestions. I definitely will be getting the CWP. I forgot about that book. It looks different than what I had used a few years ago with my older children, although we barely used it then honestly.

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My 7 yr old sounds just like yours. I having mostly ended up just doing the textbook and nothing more. But, I do have the workbook and still have him work from those when I do not have time to teach or interact. I already owned the textbooks so I do not see the point of not using them. I still use the workbook even when he grasps the concept because I want him to get very fast as it. Most people in my family are engineers, as in, literally, all but one of my cousins and all but one of my siblings. My husband is an engineer. To get good at math, one must be "fluent" which means the same thing it means in language study-can do it fast without having to think as much about the simpler stuff. Mine does not like Beast Academy. He does love puzzles and various putting together thing activities, like snap circuits. 

My opinion of what you are doing is great! I will look in to the IP books myself. Thank you for the suggestions!

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