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My son, who is 6 years old, bilingual in Chinese and Spanish. He really loves learning new languages and is interested in new cultures. I asked him which language he likes, and he chose Spanish. However, i'm also interested in helping him learn Chinese since its a top 3 language here in the US. I didn't really give it to him as a option since I don't know if it would be difficult to learn or if there are resources out there for a child but I've seen that he has an interest in that language as well.

What resources did you use if you chose to learn language? What resources did you use for Chinese?

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I use an in-person Chinese class near me so I don't really have suggestions on the how.

I actually think the difficulty in learning Chinese is that the language is so different from English. The shared vocabulary and some of the history makes learning other romance languages easier. Also of course a lot of the alphabet is shared as well. There are other things that make Chinese a easier language to learn. I think the numbering system and the grammar is easier to learn for Chinese than English, or French. 


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I'm a bit confused.  He's already bilingual in Chinese and Spanish?  (I'm not understanding your first sentence).  Or perhaps you want him to become bilingual in those languages?  The absolute best approach to language learning is immersion.  But if you and people around you don't speak those languages then it's extremely hard to do that.  YouTube has some great Chinese language videos for young children. 

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