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Please recommend a few good field guides

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I am not sure if any were suggested in TWTM but I still do not own the book:tongue_smilie: so I can't check. We are setting up a nature table and I want to get some field guides to help us identify the different leaves, bugs, birds, etc. that we encounter or collect. I really have no experience in this department so any suggestions would be quite helpful! TIA

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I prefer books with very good photographs rather than drawings. If they do have drawings, I want them to be in color and very detailed. I also prefer excellent descriptions since sometimes it can be hard to tell from just a picture. Audobon field guides are very nice and you used to be able to get them at Sam's for a good price. They're a good size for carrying in a backpack, too. Get field guides that are specific to where you live and make sure you know where the dividing line is. (It seems I had a bit of a problem determining whether one field guide included Kansas or not based solely on the description on a bookstore website.) That will save you a lot of looking.

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Kaufman's Butterflies is good.


We tend to prefer Audubon Field Guides for birds over Peterson's. We also have Audubon guides to trees, butterflies & moths and wildflowers. There are a few more we would like to own.


Sibley birding books are very good. Sibley's Birding Basics is a good overview. The Sibley Guide to Birds is expansive and, some might find, expensive.


I didn't note your family member's ages and signatures don't appear in the "Reply" view, so I don't know if you have younger children. Our youngers enjoy Fun With Nature and More Fun With Nature as good hands-on books.


If you want exact titles for specific topics, I'd be happy to share our preferences. I tend to rattle on regarding this subject, though, and often give more information than was wanted. :blushing:

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