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Mama Bear Legal Forms-anyone use?

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Has any used this for their college kids? We made sure to fill out the form at my son's university to allow us access to his grades and anything university related but I had not even thought about needing power of attorney in case something terrible happens and he has to go to the local hospital. Here is the website: https://www.mamabearlegalforms.com/

Opinions? Warnings? Recommendations? We drop him off next week so I am in all the last minute prep work. Along with planning out the 10th graders year. Oy.

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I filled out these forms but they have not been signed/ notarized yet.  I’m annoyed we need two people to witness the signing which seems ridiculous overkill and not something I can manage right now.

I also do not know where exactly these forms are uploaded. Anyone can advise? 
You’re one step ahead of me in filling the grades, etc form. Have no idea where that one is. 

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My husband found some forms online you can do for free, you just need the two witnesses which we luckily found fairly easily. We didn't upload the forms anywhere...I *think* DS has a copy with him and we have a copy here. I should probably take a picture of them to have on my phone in case I forget to grab them if need be.

We took care of FERPA at orientation. It is all on your child to fill it out. 

The thread that Farrar started on June 12 is full of good info and insight. Good luck getting everything ready. 

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