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Help! Summer 9th-Grade Lit / Composition Class with transfer credit

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Hoping someone can help! I'm looking for a summer 9th grade English course to replace a standard public school, summer-school, English class. I'd like to use the Oak Meadow Composition 1: The Writers Craft, but I'm hearing because OM won't issue a grade or transcript for the class, it mightn't be accepted. "Enrollment" for this class with OM cant occur over the summer, and would be $2000, which out-prices me anyway. 

Can anyone suggest a stand-alone 9th Grade English Comp/Lit that provides a final grade or transcript or documentation of some kind that the public school might use to transfer credit? She's a 2e kid who is also an INFP (MBTI) and has difficulty with initiation, exec function and process speed but otherwise ok. She needs a class because she didn't do the work all year.

I'm heading to our Office of Teaching and Learning to see if I can hire a teacher to grade her work for Oak Meadow, but I'm looking for a backup plan if that is unacceptable or looks like a battle. 

Kind thanks for any leads!

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Well it’s looking like there are other options for credit besides enrolled transcripts, though the person who approves was out today, so I’m not confirmed on that. 

I’m still scoping out back-up plans if anyone has a thought. 

Thank you!

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