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Choose my History Encyclopedia!


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After reading the big thread about which encylopedia for SWB to choose for the logic stage, I realized I have NO IDEA which encyclopedia I should choose for my family, now.


My dc will be 6, 4, and 3. My (will be) 1st grader is a very verbal kid and can handle listening to me read literature like the NKJV Bible, but he's reading like a Ker (which he is - :tongue_smilie:). We are young-earth Creationists; I don't mind a few pages that disagree with our beliefs, but I'd rather not pay for 1/4 of the book that's a complete opposite to what I teach. kwim. I don't want a book that's dumbed-down to his reading level, yet he has to understand the info listening to me read. I want LOTS of real and realistic pictures, but coherent text too.


We are going to be doing a unit on Creation/Noah/Tower of Babel Jan-March, and then starting with SOTW. Any wonderful resources for the Bible unit?????


Shop for me! Will trade linkies for smilies!:lol:

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Are you looking for one to go with SOTW? I would think either using Time Traveler by Usborne, but that focuses on just a few civilizations or Kingfisher History Encyclopedia with the red cover. I wouldn't suggest the white cover "Illustrated" (they are both illustrated one just has it in the tittle) because it is over $50 right now, used. Usborne History Encyclopedia is good and you can buy it new, but it will have more nudity than the Kingfisher, and right now while it is only available used it is not that expensive. I order a lot used and I have dealt with Keen_Northwest, Smokymntboks, Thrift_Books before, the first two without incident. Thrift books I have ordered quite a bit from and while it hasn't been problem free they ALWAYS have made good on refunding for missing books, lost books, books with pages missing (paper doll book I bought), ect.. Last year I placed a large (about 15 books) order at the beginning of December, and after Christmas I contacted them because I was still missing about 4 books. They asked me to wait a bit longer, which was a risk for me because I would be past the dispute period, but as I said they had always done right by me so I agreed to wait. Mid January I contacted them again and let them know they still hadn't show up and they refunded the price of the *whole* order not just the missing books.


Anyway is that what I would go with. I am not coming up with any instant ideas for your Bible study, though.




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