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Song School Latin?

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Hopefully this year...I am so excited to get it and will probably get Song School Greek as well, depending on the cost. Cadam had said Spring, but the site only says "coming in 2008." Maybe she will post more info. Here is the link to the pdf samples for anyone who may not have seen them in the other thread.

Did cadam develop this program?

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The email I got from CAP said March 2008 and that was in the last 10 days or so. My dd is waiting anxiously for it so they had better deliver! ;) I wish I knew the price. I will try to find an email address and ask. If I find out, I will report back. We have already done the 3 chapters in the pdf file and dd greeted our dinner guests last night with "Salve pastor!" to his amusement.

Thanks for replying. I am so excited to get it! Looks like such a great program for the younger crowd.

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