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Are you a geek? (link to quiz)

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19.32939% Geek.


Can I just say, some of those questions really had me :rofl:

Very funny indeed.

I really do want a yurt, though. I always thought they were cool.

And I cracked up over being asked if I wanted 7 of 9, then I remembered who THAT is and ...gosh, someone very geeky thought up a lot of very funny questions.

Off to send it to my dh.

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I only got 15.38% so just a geek funny (or is it sad?) If I had taken this test, a couple years ago I would have scored higher, but have toned down my geekiness a lot such as not watching all those tv shows anymore. I think as classical homeschoolers we have a tendency towards being geeks because we want to preread or do extra reading on subjects like history, science or grammar etc. We own a lot of what was listed as geeky because we want to give our kids a great education, the fact that I have a cow eyeball and a set of beakers in my kitchen does not mean I am a geek it means I plan on teaching biology and chemistry to the kids.



Oh who am I kidding, I bought those things for me and my geek-dome and use the kids as an excuse :lol:

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19.872% Geek


More than I thought, but I love Star Trek and am an introvert so I guess that makes me a Geek.


I'll need to send it to my ds. I'll bet he scores really high!

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I will make my dh take it, and I know he'll score high! The first use of my new embroidery sewing machine was for him to embroider a polo shirt with "Dungeon Master of DOOM" for his D&D game that night.


When he was in college, his geeky friends called him "the Alpha geek" because he was the only one with a girlfriend and could "pass" in the "normal world", though he was truly a geek. He was the one who kept them in line when they were being too socially inept and reminded them to bathe when necessary. We enjoy being nerds/geeks/strange!

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I scored a 46.942, but I have an objection. Nobody owns a real lightsaber.
No, but I have two sets of friends (couples) who each own the complete complement of the $100 plus replicas with motion sensors and sound effects. They have hold mock battles in the streets. That's a serious commitment of funds, but I have to admit that they do look and sound good.
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