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How many of you have had success with Weight Watchers and would you

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Although I've taken December off, I've been doing WW since early summer. I've lost fifteen pounds. Not much, but hard for my over fifty self. I'm pleased to be two sizes smaller.


I like going to the weekly meetings. They help me stay on track. I do better when I also journal what I eat.


Personally, I try to eat healthy, not diet. So I don't eat WW foods with artificial sweetners. I eat whole foods.


I'm taking December off for personal reasons, but I'll be gung-ho again in January.

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be willing to share your story?


I am SERIOUSLY considering starting WW the new Momentum program on Monday...(I've joined twice before and didn't stick to it).


Would love to hear about your successes.




It has worked for a lot of my friends, but it didn't work for me. Reasons: 1. Meetings were too "cheer-leader-y" in the name of support

2. I had greatly disordered eating as a youth, and getting feedback at weigh-in was uncomfortable for me (understatement.)


Good things were support and ideas to make the journey easier.

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Pam, I would recommend you "meeting shop" if you ever consider WW again. Our weigh in never includes any "feedback", unless you consider "were you expecting that?" to be feedback, or "you can lose 3 lb this week but if you do every week you should consider adding a bit more food". Also, the amount of "cheerleadery-ness" varies considerably from leader to leader.


Prepregnancy with my oldest ds, I lost 7 lb (in six weeks or so before my happy surprise pregnancy) and they have never re-appeared when not pregnant. Postpartum with my 4yo, I followed mostly Core (which is now incorporated into Momentum as the "Simply Filling" tracking method introduced in week 6, from what I understand) and got to my doctor-recommended goal (six lb higher than WW's goal for me, because I'm hypothyroid) and maintained for 6 weeks to earn my lifetime membership. I did not succeed with continual maintenance, because I rebelled when I realized that for me, maintenance does not include adding back very much food. Had I "bitten the bullet" and upped my exercise to accomodate the additional food I wanted, I would have succeeded.


I have every intention of returning to WW when this pregnancy is over. I KNOW it is a healthy and successful method of weight control and I look forward to getting back on track.


I appreciate the way WW incorporates the latest research into their plan updates. IMO the plan has only improved within the last 8 years.

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I need to lose aprox. 30 more. I have done this following the core plan which I love and highly recommend. The premise is eating from a list of healthy foods, i.e. all lean meats, eggs, non fat dairy, veggies, fruits, brown rice, ww pasta, etc. You don't count points for these just learn to eat until satisfied (portion control). Then you do get points each week for those extras not on the list.


This is the first plan that has worked for me (I've done the other ww plans before) and I am confident I will not gain the weight back. I say this because core has taught me to eat and enjoy healthy foods in reasonable portions. I now recognize my full signal. I also look at food differently. If I'm eating something I love rather than have seconds or over eat I remind myself that this is not the last time I'm going to eat this food so I can enjoy the smaller amount knowing I will eat this again some other time. Another big mind set change is recognizing set backs and not having an all or nothing mentality. If I've had a bad day, I just pick up and start over the next day. I don't just throw in the towel.


Exercise has also become a big part of my life. I run most days (or at least walk 5 km) and do some weights in my basement. This is critical. I think weight loss is successful when both diet and exercise are combined.


BTW, I do ww on-line.

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I second the posters who talk about eating healthy. Artificial sweetners and foods with the fats take out of them are unhealthy. The first are akin to poison and taking the fats out takes the nutrients out. I would avoid any weight loss program that does not advocate healthy eating.


AMong my friends there have been a few who have discoverd food sensitivities and then when they treated them by avoiding wheat, sugar or whatever they were to avoid they started loosing excess pounds automatically.


There are some good books about food that I would recomend: Nourishing Traditions, Breaking the Vicious Cycle..I am sure you can find more that talk about food.


Last but not least I have heard of a spirituality centered weight loss program that seeems to make sense with portion control or with controling what you eat. Take a look and then se if there is one in your area or if you can get the materials to start one: http://www.lightweigh.com/

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