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please share favorite cds for learning in the car - we're going on a LONG road trip


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Hi, I own and will use all the SOTW and also A Little History of the World. Also have the IEW Poetry Memorization program I am looking for all of your favorites in all subject areas. We will be on the road for months and my dc LOVE to learn in the car.


Please share your favorite math, science, geography, poetry, history, literature, etc., recordings - they can be pure memory work stuff, songs, stories, whatever.



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Our favorites are:


1. The "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, read by Cherry Jones. (I have 3 boys and they all LOVED this series)


2. "The Tale of Despereaux", by Kate DiCamillo and read by Graeme Malcolm.


3. "Series of Unfortunate Events" series, by Lemony Snickett. (But only the ones read by Tim Curry.)


4. Pretty much anything that Jim Dale reads the audiobook for. :)


5. "Chronicles of Narnia" adaptations by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. Fun!

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Lyrical Life Science if they are at least 3rd/4th grade. They are a big hit, even with my 5 year old, who sings along even though she doesn't understand the scientific terminology.


The Jim Weiss history/literature CD's are incredible. Our favorite is the Tales of Knights one.


Our Story Hour CD's especially the history ones. My kids love these.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy
Please share your favorite math, science, geography, poetry, history, literature, etc., recordings - they can be pure memory work stuff, songs, stories, whatever.


I have some random suggestions based on things we've loved (and a few things I've purchased for the next school year, studying American history).


Two poetry books with cd that we love...






Music about Colonial times...




Revolutionary War...




Civil War Era...






American History Through Folksong (available on Amazon but you can hear samples here)...














We really like musical soundtracks. We've been to see live productions of Seussical, The Lion King, and Year With Frog and Toad so I bought those and they're very popular with the kids. We also love Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals and Tubby the Tuba. I second the suggestion of the Story of the Orchestra and others of that genre.


I can't wait to see all the other suggestions!



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This is a copy and paste of my carschooling resource list, so does include some mentioned already... most were recommended on the WTM boards over the years.



* Geography Songs by Troxel

* Lyrical Earth Science Volume 1 (http://www.lyricallearning.com'>http://www.lyricallearning.com'>http://www.lyricallearning.com'>http://www.lyricallearning.com)



* Singing Science Records (http://www.acme.com/jef/singing_science/)

* Lyrical Life Science Volumes 1,2 &3 (http://www.lyricallearning.com)

* Schoolhouse rock – Science rock



* Grammar Songs by Troxel

* Schoolhouse rock - Grammar rock



* Gombrich's A Little History of the World CD

* The Story of the World volumes on CD

* The CDs from Classical Conversations.

* Veritas Press History Cards and CDs



* Schoolhouse rock – Multiplication rock


Music Appreciation

* Classical music selections from our composer of the month list

* Classical Kids Collection (Beethoven Lives Upstairs and others)

* Themes to Remember (http://www.classicalmagic.net)

* The story of Classical Music by Darren Henley read by Marin Alsop

* Vox Music Masters The Story of... CDs

* Bernstein Children's Classics includes Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.



* Free audiobooks from Librivox.com or Storynory.com

* Audiobooks for Sonlight 3



* The Nation’s Favourite Children’s Poems Collection (BBC Radio Collection) narrated by Ronald Pickup, Tim Pigott-Smith, Andrew Sachs and Rosalind Shanks

* A Child's Introduction to Poetry by Michael Driscoll and Meredith Hamilton

* Listen and Color: Favorite Poems for Children by Dover and Thea Kliros

* Poetry Speaks to Children by Elise Paschen, Dominique Raccah, Nikki Giovanni, and X.J. Kennedy

* Developing Linguistic Patterns Through Poetry Memorization

* Poetry Speaks to Children

* A Child's Introduction to Poetry

* Poetry Speaks for adults

* Caedmon Poetry Collection (also for older children and adults)


Myths and Legends

* Tales from the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne performed by James Simmons

* King Arthur read by Sean Bean (Naxos)

* The Iliad read by Derek Jacobi (Naxos)

* The Aeneid read by Simon Callow (Naxos)

* D'Aulaire's Greek Myths on CD



- Stories from Shakespeare (BBC Radio Collection) by Geraldine McCaughrean



* Letterland CD’s (http://www.letterland.com)


Foreign Language:

* Berlitz Kids "Adventures With Nicholas" books+CDs in several languages.

-- French:

* Les Cinq Pastels">

* Une Visite Chez Grand-Mere

* La Chatte Perdue

* Un, Deux, Troise; First French Rhymes (no translations)


* Los Cincos Crayones, etc...

* Pio Peep (Spanish) book and cd - but be aware that the English translations are "poetic", not literal.


* Prima Latina CD (Memoria Press)

* Lingua Angelica CD is


Sonlight Audio Memory link

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We listen to audio stories ALL the time - always have one going in the car. We spent lots of time last year getting through all of the Little House on the Prairie stories. The kids LOVED them! We are presently doing the Chronicles of Narnia stories (story chronologically, not copyright chronology), and loving those too. We were listening to the Anne of Green Gables series until we ran out of books on CD that our library provided and had to move on to doing the stories as read-alouds at home.


How old are your kids and what history period are you doing presently?


- Stacey in MA

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Well, we did use some math songs with my older son, such as Multiplication Rock, etc., but lots of mathematicians warn now that learning math to songs causes children not to be able to recall unless they sing, LOL, which is not really all that useful in adult life (remember your ABC's?)


I make a lot of my own tapes to use in the car, so if you have time (LOL) you might want to create some memory work tapes of your own, perhaps including math facts. I like putting various memory work things on tape to tailor to them what they need to work on in any given week.


Lyrical Life Science has out books/tapes (or CD's) that cover memorization of various body systems and other living systems, but as with the math, memorizing to song may not work so well in adult life. I record science reading that I would otherwise do aloud and include my discussion, questions, etc., just as I would if we were reading together. If you have personal DVD players, science videos would be great to cover this, too.


I know that our library carries Shel Silverstein and other funny children's poets on tape, but don't know about you checking things out for months on end??? Ditto for tons of great books on tape, as well as movies of some of those works.


SOTW is available on tape. Geography Songs will help you learn the states and knowing those - even to song only - is better than what most folks can do, LOL, so I don't think anyone could object to that!

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I know that our library carries Shel Silverstein and other funny children's poets on tape, but don't know about you checking things out for months on end???


Just a word of caution for Shel Silverstein, I took out his cd The Best of Shel Silverstein and it is NOT CHILD FRIENDLY!


The poems on there are great (read by Shel Silverstein) but some of the songs :eek: :eek: :eek:


For example "Freakin at the Freaker's Ball" just ummm, google the lyrics or watch the Youtube video! :eek:


Another not child friendly song on there is -- I Got Stoned and I Missed It.


There are great children's poems on there but mixed with not so kid friendly stuff. :)

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Just putting in a second recommendation for Jonathan Park and Adventures in Odyssey. Both are incredible and really hold a child's attention.


I was just going to second these. I think I'll have to "fourth" them. Great audios!


Libraryanded.com had some fantastic deals on the Adventures in Odyssey cassettes. And cbd.com and Vision Forum have good deals on the sets of Jonathan Park cds.

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On long road trips, I (and hopefully my kids!) have enjoyed listening to historical or other "themed" fiction related to the destination, classics, a mix of familiar stories and new ones, and very importantly -- stories of different lengths!!!! (some short, some too long for one setting), with a healthy dose of humorous tales mixed in.


I found some by Donald Davis. One, "Miss Daisy," is about one of his elementary school teachers, which you may enjoy. It's more charming or inspiring than funny. "Dr York, Miss Winnie and the Typhoid Shot" is hilarious.


Another suggestion is material by Rabbit Ears Productions. They have quite a few folk tales, from various cultures, including some nice ones on American Tall Tales that I most recently checked out of my library. They are very well produced and read by people with good voices. I liked the idea of becoming familiar with the exploits of legendary figures like Rip Van Winkle, John Bunyan, and Johnny Appleseed.

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