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Another ? for tech minded tv watchers re TIVO

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No, the charge is for DVR, not just the TiVO brand name. To my knowledge, you pay for the privilege of recording - they charge based on the card in the box that they activate. At least, that has been my experience with DISH, DirecTV, and Comcast, none of whom have we purchased the actual box from over the years. Sorry. :glare:

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You can buy a TiVo but there is still a monthly charge. It is a charge for their service, not the box. Same goes for your DVR. DISH charges 5.99 a month for the service (it might be a little more, we don't get that service), that does not include a charge for the box. You can buy the box or lease it (or maybe you just pay for it over time, I'm unsure).



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Tivo is a DVR, but you still pay a monthly fee for the service. Or, you can pay one ($399) fee and that covers your subscription for as long as you own the Tivo. They also offer a prepay-for-three-years plan that works out to $8.50/month or something.


The nice thing about Tivo is that the user interface is much superior to the cable company offerings.


Here's a table from the Tivo website that compares Tivo with cable company DVRs.

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