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Is there an online news service like this?

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I'm tired of FOX. It used to be pretty good, but the past year it has become a trash heap. I don't need to read most of the "headlines" they think are important, and heaven forbid that my dc do!


I don't like MSNBC or ABC very much, although the headlines are an improvement over FOX. Still, I don't care for the attitude/slant in a lot of the articles. I come away feeling insulted or like I witnessed someone else being insulted too much of the time.


I want a clean, polite, NEWS network. Somewhat conservative. No trashy articles or ads. No TV show ads, either. Just the news, but without the sordid details of whatever horrible behavior got someone arrested. Is there such a website?

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The Economist?


Those are my top three for news. I (definitely leftist) am fairly sick of US "news" outlets in general. I'm tired of the "worldview disguised as news" puckey on ALL outlets (not just the ones whose wordlview I don't support) and definitely the rubbish they seem to think is newsworthy.


None of them I would consider "conservative", but BBC and The Economist are British and, while there are some particularly leftist shows on NPR, their news isn't particularly of any bent. Bonus: I don't think I've ever heard the name "Britney Spears" uttered on (or printed in) any of them. She'd have to actually wage war to get the attention of BBC World News or the Economist.


The National Review is definitely conservative, but I can't speak directly to their advertising content. They historically have been a well respected news outlet, though.

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NPR is far left, to the point that I have to shake my head to stop my eyes from rolling. When I want news, online, I go to Foxnews.com ( which has been proven by independent studies to be 50/50 coverage left vs. right. Then, I go to hotair.com, which has more journalistic articles about the current events. Then I go to Michellemalkin.com because her links to sources (she had a link to the Senate bailout bill wording when other outlets didn't) are excellent. drudgereport.com is also good. It is more like a list of news articles. We love the wsj.com or opinionjournal.com because it points out stupid, contradictory, slanted, incorrect, misleading and stupid news at the major news outlets on the left and the right.


On boring days I hit the New York TImes and the Arts and Letters Daily.

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