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Font suddenly tiny

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My font is suddenly tiny only on the WTM boards. I can change it physically on each post but that's not practical when reading a long thread. At first I thought I had accidentally hit a keyboard shortcut but this is only on WTM, not elsewhere on the internet. I checked my laptop settings, Chrome settings, and WTM settings but there's nothing to indicate why this happened or how to fix it. Help please! 

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Hmmm.  Let me see what I can find out. 

GUESSING at one possibility, and I don't know for sure that this is even a possibility with these forums, but I have two websites I link to from my desktop and from my phone...and sometimes the phone/mobile view shows up on the desktop or the desktop view shows up on the phone where I am used to the mobile view (and which is a lot better on the mobile device).  And it is only for the specific app--not for everything I log into.

On one of the apps, it actually changes the URL, so I just go back and get rid of the mobile-specific info-bit, and the desktop is fine.

On the other one, though, I need to clear my cache and start fresh to get the right URL onto the appropriate devices.  I suspect this has something to do with the way my desktop, laptop, and phone are supposed to keep themselves coordinated, but sometimes they get all mixed up and I just have to give them a fresh start. 

I don't know if those experiences/suggestions are any help to you, but if they are, yay...and in the meantime, I will see what I can find out on the forum support page.  

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