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Could you help me come up with a list of "bad" homeschooling stereotypes?

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There was a time when I was really proud of our homeschooling.


It's gotten way more complicated - I've let it get way more complicated. I've let my vision be muddied, the kids have been in and out of school; all kinds of things have happened.


I want to have a frank, comprehensive conversation with the kids about how we're beginning to fall into some of these bad stereotypes. I want to give them a full picture of how some people perceive homeschoolers, and talk about what concrete goals we can set for ourselves to avoid homeschooling pitfalls.


The big ones are that homeschoolers can't meet deadlines. They are socially inept and too reliant on their mothers.


What else?

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They are aloof

They are religious zealots

They are incapable of associating with others

They are too bookish

They are too smart



Personally I do not believe that one can be too smart and I think being bookish, in moderation, is a good thing. You did, however, ask for stereotypes.

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We don't have many homeschoolers here but the comments I've heard from time to time lead me to believe these are stereotypical views held by some:


The parents are too lazy to get their kids up and ready for school.

The kids are being kept at home to work on the farm.

The parents are hiding abuse by keeping the kids out of sight of teachers.

The kids are weird and unable to function socially.

Home education can't possibly come up to the standards of school education since parents can't afford expensive equipment available in schools.

A parent can't homeschool adequately AND keep house, care for meals etc. adequately.

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They are undisciplined and have poor manners in a group.


They aren't willing to do work unless they are personally interested in it (i.e., unwilling to do boring memorization of facts or grammar lessons).


Unschooling = TV and video games all day, every day


Their parents are helicopter parents who shelter their children and micromanage each experience.

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They are crunchy granola back to the land separatist hippie wannabees.


They are rigid, fundamentalist, severe physical disciplinarian, afraid of the real world fanatics.


They look down on everyone else.


They are not really up to par, but they like to go around trumpeting their freedom.


They are unsocialized.


They can't write.


They don't believe in scientific reality, nor do they do hands on experiments.


They are not rigorous.


They sit around in pajamas all day.

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They don't do enough academics.

They don't do enough relevant schoolwork.

They watch tv or play video games all day.

They think the world revolves around them.

They are snotty, ill-behaved, self-centered.

They are lazy.

They just can't get up to catch the school bus.

They are too difficult to work with schools.

They are neglectful of their responsibilities towards the community.

They are abusive and/or neglectful.

They homeschool so as to have built in babysitters, maids, etc.

They are limited in the opportunities in science, music, art.

They don't have enough meaningful contact with people of other races, ethnicities, belief systems.

They are scared...socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually

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The stereotype I've experienced from other types of teachers is that of the Flaky Educator: They can't make up their minds about curriculum. They don't have any accountability, so they flit from thing to thing without developmental needs or long term goals in mind. They guess at what they should do, or base it on vague, romantic notions.

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This is so awesome. Thank you, people!


Don't think I'm going to sit there making my children miserable. And yes, I'm going to discuss with the kids who are in school and homeschooling.


This has come up partly because another child wants to return to homeschooling.


I am not willing to say yes until ALL of us get our acts together both in regards to school and in regards to our social/community life. I think I have an accurate assessment of our issues (which really boil down to "my" issues), and it's time to address them.


This list is perfect.

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