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I am having trouble downloading music from WalMart....

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Does anyone know what, if anything, I might be doing wrong. According to the shopping cart my debit card went through without any problems, but the music is not downloading. I keep clicking the download button and nothing happens. :mad:


I NEED this music right now, I am trying to load my doodlebug's new mp3 player so I can give it to her tomorrow for her birthday.


If you download music from WalMart, could you help me?


I will add this to the list of things I hate about WalMart.

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Unfortunately, I'm on a different computer right now. But I know I had the same problem when I first purchased music. Have you checked the FAQs in their music download area? It seems I fixed the problem by doing that. I'll check again tomorrow when I'm on my other computer and if you're still having trouble, I might be able to be more helpful.


Diana in OR (still can't figure out how to change my user name!)

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I live in China, this is where you can get free pirated music and other stuff. Selection :




Type in the artist or song name, hit enter.


The next screen has eight columns, the first is song, the second artist, the third album the fourth is this: &si=hold+back+the+rain;;404+Radio+Bro%23duran+duran;;0;;-89037&lm=16777216"]试听 That's what you want, click it.


Now a small box opens, right click on the email address at the top. You can download music for free.

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Walmart should have installed a downloading script to your pc. It will automatically download a song when you complete your order. If it's only one song, it should happen fairly quickly. The song will appear in your Windows Media Player. You must click on it in Windows Media Player and play it one time through to activate the licensing agreement before you can download it to a portable device or burn it to CD.


I've had trouble in the past and had to call their tech support. They were very helpful in getting my song downloaded.


Give them a call. You just need your account info.



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