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Post your favorite writing curricula!


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My 6th grader is using IEW SWI B. Began it in August and will soon begin lesson 12 (of 15). I *think* we'll tinker with the Continuation lessons to finish out the year.


Next year we begin our History rotation with Ancients, so I think we'll do the corresponding IEW program as well as staying with the Continuation program.


My 4th grader is writing via WWE. He reads a chapter or short selection, verbally narrates then writes a short narration or summary. He also writes from dictation. Next year he'll tinker with IEW via KWO and some of the early units (I-IV)

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With my older son, I used McGraw Hill's Spectrum Writing, and had him writing reports in second and third grades. He also participated in Young Authors programming those years; and I used some other miscellaneous workbooks, too.


By fourth, I had learned about Writing Strands and did level 3 and 4 with him that year. He continued with WS through all the levels, at one per year after that. He also had some outside writing in various English and other classes.


For my younger son, I used a variety of things in first through fourth grades, including the exercises in Rod and Staff, Primary Language Lessons, Spectrum Writing, Writer's Express (by Write Source), etc.


This year (fifth), I've used a Remedia publication covering outlining; a Steck Vaughn publication covering summarization; a World Book publication entitled Clever Kids Language Skills, which was various writing and poetry prompts; and have just started Wordsmith Apprentice. I do have WS waiting in the wings, but haven't felt this child was ready for it yet.

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We mainly write across the curriculum w/ a little of IEW thrown in for structure & style. No creative writing here. Just essays about history and/or lit. Works well. Kids are 11 & 13.


Do a search of Momof7's posts about writing. Great stuff. I follow her line of thinking, as much as possible.


I'm looking at CW, though. Not sure if I'm ready to take the CW plunge.

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