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Back on after our "snow storm" in Louisiana!!

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We had almost 6 inches of snow at our house, were without power for over 24 hours, lost at least 3 trees in our yard (and countless large branches), had our mailbox crushed by a neighbor's tree falling, etc.


GOSH the snow was GORGEOUS!!! Ds built a precious snow-man (yes, a man, with carved out arms, legs, head, neck, ears, etc. - very cool). In fact, he is still standing as of now. There is still snow everywhere. It is absolutely wonderful. (and at least we finally got our power back, but my Mom's is still off) It was 50 in our house last night. Brrrrrrr.


Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I just hope it doesn't flood anything as the snow melts!! :tongue_smilie:

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Glad you had fun with the snow. Do you get snow often at all?


We had snow once when we lived in SC and the whole city shut down for about 1 inch. Here in Michigan we keep going.


I can tell you that Stacey doesn't get snow often. We lived in a nearby town to her when we were in Louisiana, before we moved to Michigan.

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