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Families living in Indonesia (Bali)

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Dear families, 

We are living Indonesia and are homeschooling our children. I would love to meet other parents in Bali, also homeschooling their children. 

I am looking for opportunities to network, arrange activities together, possibly to teach together or make a learning group. 

Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you. 


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Disclaimer: I'm not a homeschooler and I live in Jakarta, so I'm not that familiar with what's going on in Bali. Also seeing as it's been over a month you've probably found your crowd already so feel free to ignore me 🙂

You might want to contact Perkumpulan Homeschooler Indonesia if you're Indonesian or don't mind your children intermingling with locals(some expats don't want to, for some reason). They should have a Balinese chapter since they're nation-wide. If you're a muslim then you might be interested in Homeschooling Muslim Indonesia facebook group; some of their members might err on the more fundamentalist side, though.

As for actual groups in Bali... honestly, there are a few, but a weird thing with the word 'homeschool' in Indonesia is it has been co-oped by private, informal schools(not even charter school) so you do have to shift through to find actual homeschooling groups. If you're an expat, you will likely find a group or two by asking in the expat groups and forums — a lot of expats homeschool their children, but with COVID a lot of them might've left and haven't returned yet, so the groups might be inactive. 

If you'd like some thoughts or pointers regarding local curriculums or where to buy foreign curriculums then feel free to ask me. I've started researching curriculums already, so I might be able to actually help..

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