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Please pray or send good thoughts to these familes today

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Two teens were killed on their way to school yesterday. One of the boys lived on the street behind us a few houses away. We don't know the families very well but I can't begin to imagine what their families are going through. My kids are having a difficult time with this too. We pass the house every day and would often see the boy playing basketball with his younger brothers. His youngest brother is my son's age and my son knows him from baseball. My son is really hurting for this boy. My oldest dd is very sad but she is also scared. She has her driving permit and she was already scared to drive. For the past few years there has been a yearly occurence of a student from our local high school dying in a car accident.


What is also scary is that these kids weren't speeding, weren't drinking, and were wearing seatbelts. They are still investigating the accident but apparently he lost control of the car and ran into a tree.


I'm so sad for these families having to go through this, especially so close to Christmas.

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