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Weekly Reports Dec. 12


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Can you submit weekly reports whenever you like/need? Our week doesn't end until Sunday, with art class, so mine would be done Sunday afternoon/evening.


I'm not in charge here (not sure who is) but I don't see why not...when you post it will bump the thread up so everyone can see that you posted. :)


I don't know if there are any rules to this thread...we are very early Preschool, and I always try to mention that in case someone doesn't want to read...I hope that's okay that we're posting, too!


Looking forward to reading about your week!

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Ok, honestly I'm so stressed about the overseas move and dd being in the Nutcracker this weekend and other things that writing a weekly report is probably not going to happen. Rest assured school was done at our house this weekend, can you forgive me for not writing it up???


In the meantime I will enjoy yours!

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