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I am looking for recommendations for a good elementary/Grundschule reading/writing app for children who already understand and speak the language. (Think: not native fluency, but minority language with a parent who's not been 100% consistent speaking the language.) We already do the Volk und Wissen elementary reading/writing/science books (just 2-3 years behind grade level), we do lots of German read alouds, audiobooks, movies, etc., and we recently started a Deutsche Sprachschule where my kids are a mix of Mittlestufe and Muttersprachler levels. I'm feeling maxed out on the German that *I* can provide my children and would just like some kind of app that could be used to supplement what we're already doing.

I've looked at few different options in the app store, but most don't have many reviews, so I just thought I'd check in here and see if anyone has any faves!


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