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Flaxseed oil, fish oil and vit. E

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I purchased some flaxseed oil pills today. They are 2400mg per serving.

It says to take 2 with a meal 2 to 3 times a day. I plan on taking these as well as ds--almost 13.

Is this to much to take for him?


I am not sure if I can remember to take them 3 times and a day and 2 pills at one sitting 3x.


If I take to many pills it kills my stomach..even if I have eaten.

I can't imagine what it would do to ds!



Also is taking fish oil to much?


What about vit. E. I take for cyst.

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When I am on track, I take 2 cod liver oil capsules in the morning, and two flax oil in the evening. This is enough to keep my skin nice and soft :001_smile: I could never keep up with taking pills three times a day.


ETA: I also try to eat EFA rich foods, cook in olive oil, butter and occasionally coconut oil, and I never eat trans fats.

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I usually start off with high doses- then I naturally cut back as I lose my enthusiasm, but also , I think its good for the body, if it is lacking something, to get a good hit of it, then fall back to a more sustainable maintenance dose.

So I would start with the dose you are given, then just be happy if you remember to take them once a day after a while :)

No, it wont hurt your son.

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