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Question about Nintendo DS

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This is probably a dumb question, but I have heard that there are some DS games that can be played wirelessly with someone else in the room, but only one person is required to have the cartridge to play. Is this correct? If so, then is there any way to tell from the description which games are like that?

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Yes, it is definitely possible. My sons do it all the time. They link their ds' and only one of them has to have the game to play. I have no idea how you know which games are like that and which aren't. My oldest son figured it out and just started trying out all of the games. LOL Out of 10 or so games, I think 3-4 of them do this.

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It's called "DS Download Play". The package should say if it has this feature. His newest game says this on the package: Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play" on the back, in the upper right corner.




Thank you! I checked and one of the games I bought has it, and the other doesn't. At least I know what to look for now.



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