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I'm at a point where I''m needing a bit more "push" to keep our German relevant. I'm at a place where kids outnumber me with their English and are older (one entering the teen years!) and much more difficult to "insulate" in German just by keeping home and speaking German all the time with me. So I'm looking to shake things up a little with something more drastic, and am wondering if anyone is familiar with any language immersion programs for the whole family (assuming a foundational level of language competency already)? Any "exchange" sorts of programs where your whole family can live with a host family in another country for a month (or more)? I understand that the schools in another country wouldn't allow you to enroll kids for just a month or two as a visitor, but am thinking about a summer opportunity where I can enroll them in some summer camps/programs perhaps?

All general info welcome, but we're looking for German immersion, specifically.
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I don’t know that this exists honestly. I moved to France with my children for a semester and enrolled the younger in school. It wasn’t super easy to do but it was done. My son had weekly sessions with a tutor plus various talks (we saw Thomas Piketty give a talk 5 min walk from our apartment!) , movies, museum tours, seeing local friends etc all in French. 

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