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Help with a Christmas gift for my mom

Just Kate

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My mom is in her mid-70s and will be having knee replacement surgery after the first of the year. I would like to get her some nice pajamas and maybe loungewear for her to have after surgery. She normally wears a size XL and usually buys pants in Short, if they are offered that way.  Any favorite brands or even links? 

Do you have any other gift ideas you could suggest? I like the idea of comfort items, as she has been home a lot due to Covid and now with her knee, she’s having trouble getting around. I’d like to pamper her a bit. Also, gift ideas that would help after surgery would be great as well. 


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I always find nice soft loungewear for my MIL at Talbots. They’re on the pricy side but usually have good sales during the holidays. Our family members all have the LL Bean Wicked Good slippers. They are the best! And they have a firm nonskid sole.


eta: making a bunch of frozen meals for post-surgery would probably be a welcome gift. 

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Will she be going to a rehab facility for PT or going home and having PT from home or appointments? Maybe the soft loungewear could also be something she could wear to PT (in other words, not obviously pajamas)?

My mom likes the Starfish pants, slim leg, from Lands End, they come in petite length. Heads up though, they seem to run large.

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I've helped a relative through 2 knee replacements.

Extra cold packs are helpful (big ones, gel). The hospital will send her home with 2 and little fabric holders for them, but we found it better to have at least 2 spares so we could alternate because we were icing a lot the first several days (15-20 minutes on every waking hour were her instructions). 

Long shorts but not over the knee that were soft/stretchy and had pockets were what she wore around the house for days. Her knee was swollen so other pants just didn't work.  The PT folks will need to see the knee (change the bandage after 1 week, but check for infection/etc - plus measure the degree she can bend it).  She also wore these shorts to PT when she left the house for that (2 weeks PT at home, then to their facility). 

She also had trouble putting on socks and shoes. A long handled shoehorn (like 12+ inches long) was helpful. I ended up having to put socks on her regularly in the beginning because she couldn't bend to do that for that leg. 

Sometimes she got cold with the regular icing in the first few days, so I had a rice bag that I warmed up so she could keep it elsewhere to try to stay warm. Throws helped with this as well. 

Press-n-seal was handy. She was told to wrap her leg in that to prevent water when she took a shower. BTW, that stuff is hard to get off. 

One thing that was a hit was my spill-proof stainless water bottle. She needed to drink plenty of liquids but didn't want to spill from a regular glass, so my Contigo bottle with a little hoop that raises up so you can just hold it be that was helpful.  I ended up ordering her one for herself in her favorite color. She took it when we went to PT too as they worked them hard there. 
ETA: link for bottle - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P5P5HLW/ref=twister_B08XXQSHH6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
(BTW, they used to have these at Target for slightly cheaper than this price)

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