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It's snowing here in Southern Louisiana!

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We had the most beautiful snow most of last evening. The ground was warm enough that it didn't stick, of course, so it was so fun! I feel like I got a little gift. Back to the 70s over the next few days!


We are in Houston too. It snowed all yesterday evening and late into the night. By 3am (I got up to check on the kids) it had stopped. It is 8:30 am and we still have snow on the ground.


We had so much that a gang of our friends went to the school grounds to build snowmen. Big ones! :)



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Yes, it's snowing! We usually don't see this but every 10-20 years! And it's my 40th birthday! How exciting! :001_smile:


Happy Birthday!!! I'll join you at 4-0 in early March.:) What fun that you're seeing some snow today! I's so strange that my old stomping grounds (New Orleans, Houston) have seen the white stuff while we've had unusually mild temps here in Western WA. I do remember that my first year at Tulane, there was a dusting of snow right around Thanksgiving. Such a surprise!

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we southern folks love our snow days


I live in central Alabama and hoping to see some snow


we were in Gatlinburg TN right after thanksgiving the snow in the mountains were beautiful. We did a 5 mile hike with about a inch on the ground. It was just a great vacation for us.


I guess those with real large snow fall think we are nuts. I am glad I don't have to shovel snow every winter.


Happy Birthday to you and happy snow day to southern LA:001_smile:

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I grew up in south Louisiana and fondly remember how everything shuts down completely when it snows. My sister, who is only 15, called me at 5:50am to tell me it was snowing there. I seriously thought someone had died or something.


BTW, Happy 40th!

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