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Curriculo espanol


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Hi!  I am looking for a curriculum to teach my children spanish grammar.  They are already fluent in Spanish.  However, I need them to learn grammar etc.  Does anybody know of a good curriculum in spanish for spanish speaking students?

I have been looking everywhere and I only find things to learn how to speak spanish.  We already know that.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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I have a copy of 3rd grade Bien dicho! and 6th grade Bien Dicho! which are Spanish language grammar manuals. Its grammar so each level teaches the same content pretty much. So I suggest getting 2 copies of 3rd grade since the 3rd grade book is not as dense as the 6th grade text. These are typical grammar textbooks, so there is a lot of overlap in the skills taught at each level.

In fact,  since nombres and sustantivos are the same thing, the 6th grade book has 1 unit that's not included in the 3rd grade book:

3rd grade (186 pages) has units on: La oracion, Nombers, Verbos, Adjetivos y adverbios, ortografia y puntuaction, and pronombres

6th grade (251 pages) has units on: Oraciones, sustantivos, verbos, calificativos, ortografia y puntuacion, pronombres, and frases preposiciones.

In  both levels the format is the same. Each lesson has an explanation + examples, then some oral exercises for you to discuss what was just taught. Then written exercises to independently complete what was just taught. Rinse and repeat.

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6 hours ago, K-1000 said:

Thank you so much!  I see one in Amazon but it is $54 for a workbook.  Do you know of any other ones?  

These are hard-back, non consumable textbooks. The kids will have to do their work on a sheet of notebook paper or in a notebook.

Amazon has used books in Very Good and Good condition for less than $7.00 shipped.BienDichoforUnder7.thumb.png.8794ad070edfbaa3ba9bab8501323fed.png

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