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Tackling Friday Together


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Good morning! My family gathering is today. 

  • take medicine
  • get food going
  • finish tidying 
  • set table for meal
  • arrange food serving area
  • enjoy meal
  • clean up
  • play murder mystery game 
  • have dh get trees and ornaments out
  • make hot chocolate and cookies
  • decorate the tree
  • relax and crash



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Good morning everyone!! The plan for today:

Enjoy visiting with ds-he has to work some, but still plenty of time

Have ds put up the tree-I will decorate later, maybe this weekend

Do some schoolwork

Shower, scrub, and lotion for me

Put away the clean dishes

Call mil and parents

Mail and shred

Do the bank statement

Write out check for church

May add more later

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Good morning! I have been enjoying watching the birds at my feeder. Mr. and Mrs. Eastern Towhee were there and they don’t come often. And I had a new-to-me visitor, a white crowned sparrow. 

Next up: coffee, read and enjoy the quiet



Ask Dh to get Christmas decs out. Switch dishes? 

Electronic chores - mostly finish all I can of the school application and some reading I need to do. 

Go meet the dog Dd is taking care of, so he doesn’t flip out when I come instead of Dd tomorrow mid-day. 

Remind Dh that he’s picking up Dd’s friends this evening.

Dinner is either ham or turkey. Will poll my people.

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Good morning! I've been up for a couple of hours, I guess I should go to bed at 8:00 everyday lol. 

Help youngest order his Christmas stuff off Amazon. 

Probably end up ordering myself some stuff and I need something else for DH. 

Clean the kitchen to my specifications and run a load of dishes. 

Put away my laundry 

Take a shower and wash my hair it's cold here, brrr 

Fix my nails 

Must walk 


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Howdie, happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a chance to chill a bit today.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and restful.  Our travel visas were all approved, yay!  Of course we don't know if we will actually be able to make the trip - it depends on what Covid does over the next month.  But we've done what we can.

Today, everyone is sitting around the house lazily, even though it's technically a work day.


  • Slept pretty well.
  • The tiniest bit of client work.
  • Working on coffee 2.
  • Caught up on emails, news, social media, calendar.
  • Suggested that the kids wake up.  So far nobody has taken my suggestion.

To do:

  • A reasonable amount of client work.
  • Some activity with the pup.
  • Some reading and other exercise.
  • Blood donation scheduled for 1:30.
  • Bank deposit (physical for work).
  • Pet store stop.
  • Booster shot scheduled for 6:20.
  • Dinner out.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Lovely, MooCow! 


my day today:

So far I have already:
....ordered this year's new Fiestaware stuff from Kohl's
...also ordered one small stocking thing for DH
....thrown jeans in the laundry, b/c DS has a haircut appt at 1:30, but came downstairs in shorts (which means he's out of jeans), and it's 50* outside....
....having brunch now (leftovers - yum!)

Next up/later today:
....more coffee??
....sewing projects?
....go pick out the Christmas tree
....come home, decorate tree/house (inside)
....munch on leftovers all day
....probably more laundry throughout the day
....maybe some video game time later

We watched Tick, Tick,....BOOM! last night on Netflix -- so good! If you're a musical fan even a little bit, I highly recommend it. Whole family really liked it and couldn't stop talking about it after; we had some really good discussion/conversation after it, which is such a rarity these days, those golden kinds of conversations. It was so good. 

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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving day.  Was able to use the holiday china. Trying to use that more during the season.

So far today; washed the thanksgiving table linens, put out the Christmas table linens, walked the dog, looked for online sales,& responded to emails.

To do for today; put up outdoor Christmas decorations, laundry, take photos of things to list to sell, looking for outdoor solar decorations, check my Christmas list for any sales, walk the dog later, vacuum rooms and clean kitchen floor, maybe clean the oven if time, set up Christmas tree.  

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Cute pics! @MooCow

LL Bean return packaged and replacement ordered.
Worked on application
Fed starter
General tidying
Bought tickets for a Christmas event - It's outside; praying for a lovely solstice! 
Talked to mom on the phone
Ground more coffee and put coffee on the grocery list. Need to get it in the BIG bag at Costco. 

Next up: 


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I have been wondering why I can't keep my room clean.   I have a giant closet for Pete's sake.   

Today, I decided to do laundry and put ALL my clothing, extra towels, sheets, blankets, etc....away.....a place for everything and everything in it's place.

Well......here is why!    I don't have anywhere to PUT IT ALL!    Our giant closet is fairly useless......I need it remodeled.

In the meantime, I just told DH I am going to be buying some organizing drawers and such.....I am DONE with the clutter and mess in our master bedroom.

That is all.


Frustrated and feel like burning everything.

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Good morning, all!  Thanksgiving was very good, enjoyed the time with just us (dh, 2 ds, dd).  The boys brought the dogs,  including Mr. Golden Fluffy.  We made it a great for ds and his baby.  I'll post pics later in the week.  The house is clean, only laundry left to be done.  I made this for breakfast and they are quite good,  house smells like Christmas morning.  

To do today:

  • randomly check Black Friday deals online
  • drink coffee
  • watch football
  • read

Have a great day!

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Made dressing and gravy - had TG repeat for lunch, yumm.
Cleaned the kitchen
Vacuumed common areas
Dusted common areas
Reminded kids to do chores
Set bread to rise, but it is going slowly. Starter may not be strong enough.
Did a couple small electronic chores and culled my inbox.
Chatted with a neighbor.
Laundry is working

Having hot tea and resting.

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I've bought nothing except a few items on sephoria. I walked away from my carts...I did get a pan from Amazon that said I wasn't going to get it until March... Turns out I'm not very good at judging size. I pulled it out of the box and showed my husband and he's like wow dear that's a very small pot! 😂 So I will return it eventually. Going to eat some leftovers and clean the kitchen or maybe I'll do that opposite

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We had a good day!

There was a mix up with the turkey. I checked the temperature and the suggested time, and it tested done; however I didn't really think about going further into the meat than I did. It was early, so I turned the temperature off and left it in the oven. When I took it out to start cutting it, it was obviously not done. So it went back in the oven. Thankfully, we are less than a mile from 2 grocery stores, so dd and my sister picked up a couple rotisserie chickens. Most of the turkey won't be eaten, but honestly, I'm not that big of a fan of it. 

We played a murder mystery game I found free online (free for up to 6 players), and it was so much fun! Maybe that will become a new tradition. 

After the extended family left, we got out the main Christmas tree and put it up. I made cookies and hot cocoa as our usual tradition, and we decorated the tree. We had a funny incident. We had the ornament boxes stored out in the garage and a big bug came out of one of the boxes. We all went on a chase to get it, moving the couch, even taking it apart where it connects. We tracked it down and dd killed it. It was exciting and a definite memory maker. I'm just thankful it didn't crawl onto one of our hands as we took out the ornaments! Yikes! 

It was a great day, and I'm tired but a good tired. 

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We had our own tree adventure today, too, Amy! Not with a bug, thank goodness. But DH wanted to check buying a tree at the Nursery; I warned him they would be (likely significantly so) more than Lowe's. He wanted to check anyway. We stopped at Lowe's first to be sure the prices weren't crazy, then went to the Nursery, where the prices were more than double, so then stopped at the grocery store for the last of the food for D&D tomorrow, then looped back around to Lowe's to get the tree. Success!  Over an hour later (and the store where we ended up....? 4 miles up the road from our house.....)

So, then home, where the kids decorated per our usual, and this year them being all grown-up, more or less (youngest will be 17 in Feb), they decided to do kind of candy cane swirl/stripes up the tree in all the different colors of balls we have - it just took them about 20 mins to decide on that, LOL! but the tree looks great. 

Oldest asked to try making "pine tea" because we've watched so much Alone this past year, so we looked it up, found our tree to be a safe kind, so boiled water and stripped off pine/fir needles and steeped some so we could each try it. W/O adding anything, it tastes like Christmas tree. If you had honey/lemon, it tastes like a drink.  Fun taste-test, though! 

Anyway, now we've all played video games, and are going to watch Hawkeye upstairs. 'Night, all!

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Dd had a friend over and they and my guys all watched Hawkeye.

I read and enjoyed the fire, baked apples and bread.

Clarified the details on Dd’s work gig for tomorrow. Getting up early to make her a good b’fast. Dh is driving her, since it’s a part of town I don’t know. 

I was hoping to have tomorrow as a quiet day at home decorating, but I think the day will be busy and the schedule chopped up. Rats! This week of vacation has flown by! 

Off to read in bed.


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Welp, I have successfully gained a pound or two today...my people finally went to bed, I ate some cookies I had time to hide because I decided they were mine since I'm the only one who did any cleaning these last two days... pfft. Ok, I might have shared them w/my dd, but she then went upstairs,so i consider it a win! Got cleaned up and now I'm in my nest listening to dh snore because he refuses to order new masks....going to shop on dermstore and hopefully not really buy lol 

@mom31257 and @TheReader it sounds like y'all had a wonderful time with your families! I'm glad! 

Hope everyone sleeps good!

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I think I'm done with what I needed to do today.  I decided to get the flu shot in addition to the Covid shot, kuz why not ... I'm gonna be a mess tomorrow between recovering from yesterday's 5K, today's blood donation, and 2 vaxes.  Might as well go whole hog.

Did some in-person shopping for necessities.

Changed our outdoor flicky lights from orange to red & green.

Unpacked, sorted, and hid a pile of Christmas gifts.

Placed some more Christmas orders.

Signed up for another 5K and did some other research related to runs.

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Again I overslept the time I should have taken Norco so 10/10 pain again.  Thankfully it lasted a lot less time today.

Then made the mistake of starting to take evening meds, rather than morning.  Fortunately, I realized before I took anything that I shouldn't in the morning except Zyrtec, and that just made a little tired.

Dh made French Toast and bacon and dd1 and dsil be came for the breakfast. Then dh brought my laundry baskets down and dd1 helped me w other necessities for me.  The three of them left for hiking.  I did a bit more than half my laundry.  I had to do it in by carrying small loads a few times into the washer and dryer and back to laundry baskets.

Watched 2nd half of Cincinnati game.  They won.  I went to the University of Cincinnati for my master's and my doctorate work.Then my dh came home and watched it too.

After that, I ordered a dinner from a restaurant and we went and got it.  Then we went to a drug store where I got some disability supplies and also dh talked w the clerk about bed rails, etc and he was told to come back or call MF between 9 and 5.

Oh I forgot to mention that I called my doctor's answering service and he called me back and he recommended that I take the Email 12 apart.

After the drug store, we went to Public where my medication was waiting also bought stuff.

Then home for dinner and first 2 parts of How the West Was Won.


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