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Document camera What can I do with that?

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Do any of you have experience with document cameras?  Would it help in any of these situations?


Live video chat with grandchild and the book could be under the document camera and I could read to them.


Working through math problems long distance with my nephews either recording a video and sending it or live via zoom or video chat?


Are the inexpensive ones (under 100) going to be too low quality or frustrating to be worth it?




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I have used a document camera in the classroom but not too much through video chat.  It has seemed to be laggy and cumbersome to get the correct feed from the computer.  To work something like math problems, I have found it easier to use a white board and camera.  Many of my colleagues said they have found that a high quality camera that is directed to a book or item they want to show works better than using a document camera.

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I thought that a document camera was going to be the answer to all of my problems teaching math online.  It wasn't.

I may have just been the one I got, but it had this autofocus feature that couldn't be turned off that was unable to deal with a hand writing in the field of view.  If it was just a static image, that was actually quite good, so it's possible that showing a book that you're reading would work.

I solved my problem by breaking down and getting a fancy new iPad.  Now I just have the iPad join my Zoom meetings as a participant and share its screen when I want to show how to do math problems.

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I have this one. I currently use it daily to teach in the classroom. I have also used it to teach over zoom. It works great and I have had no issues with it. It would work well for the purposes you want it for! 

I haven’t had any issues with lag time or focusing. I don’t have autofocus turned on; there is a button on top of the camera that focuses the camera if you move it and need to refocus.




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You don't need a document camera if you have a cell phone - you can set the phone up so that you can work your math problems or show the book passages under the phone camera. Many profs have used this hack to teach in the beginning of the pandemic when you couldn't buy web cams or docu cams.

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