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I am done! DONE, I tell ya!

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Ok, so you remember back when I was Pam in MD and I decided I'd better go get my prerequisites done so I could apply to nursing school? Then I did that while hs'ing and chasing a toddler and dealing with the vagaries of the US Army, and it was not so bad, but when when I applied to nursing school, I got rejected?


And then how I called back four months later when we had rearranged our lives based on the fact that dh wasn't retiring in May and that I wasn't going to nursing school and how they said, "Ooooops! Too bad you didn't call earlier, because we made a mistake"? And how I just broke down and cried on the phone and told them I DID call, but nobody would tell me anything, and how they said, "Oh, geezopete woman, please don't cry. Would you like to start nursing school next month after all?"


And do you remember how we arranged to move to TN, buy a place to live, separate from the Army, and flip our living and parenting arrangments on their head, all in about six weeks?


We did. And I did. And now I'm DONE! I took my last final tonight, and I am finished.


Thank you all who were encouraging and praying and cheerleading and kicking me in the tush lo these several years. I so appreciate you. Hugs all around.


Pinning is Friday at five. All those of you who live in driving distance are invited to attend.

Edited by Pam "SFSOM" in TN
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How weird it feels to me. I sort of feel proud...because we've walked this road virtually...together. I'm so proud I could cry. How weird.


Pam, you are amazing. You will make such a wonderful nurse. You are the type that will change lives, inspire a person to heal by your insight and ability to motivate.


May I lift a glass of pretend champagne in your honor? Hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip, hooray.......



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